May 07

Canon will launch 10 lens in 2014

Canon Japan headquarters, a spokesman for the President true RongTian ya also down recently said in an interview with Japanese economic news, Canon will spend 10 of lens new products this year, species reached in recent years, it is again for “in the Canon lens” in early response. Worrying is nearly half 2014 has in the past, but no matter in EF/SLR, EF EF – S – M free, or EF CINEMA product line we have not seen any new product.


Canon 2014 will launch 10 lens

CR recently received news that Canon will launch an EF – in this year S ultra wide-angle zoom lens and replace has 10 years of EF -s 10 to 22 mm f / 3.5 4.5 unsharp mask. Comprehensive now master data, we summarized a possible new product list:

The second generation of EF -s 10 to 22 mm f / 3.5 4.5 unsharp mask

24 mm STM EF – S

New EF 35 mm f / 1.4 L

TS – 45 mm f / 2.8 L E

50 mm f / 1.8 IS EF

New EF 85 mm f / 1.2 L

New great EF 100-400 – mm f / 4.5 5.6 L IS

TS – 135 – mm f / 2.8 E

New EF 400 mm f / 5.6 L IS

New EF 800 mm f / 5.6 L IS

Apr 01

HTC One will be upgraded to Senes 6

HTC has been designed for a new generation of flagship One M8 Sense launched 6 new user interface. However, HTC 2013 flagship product, -HTCOne can also be a free upgrade to Sense 6.

According to a leaked HTC blueprint today show, HTC One family ofproducts will be in June this year in July to upgrade to Sense 6. Can beupgraded models including HTC One, One Dual Sim, One Max and Onemini. In addition, HTC butterfly machine - Butterfly S can also be upgraded to Sense 6.

Attention is needed, the mobile phone has Android 4.4 operating systemwith Sense 5.5, so in June July update will only update the HTC custom software.

According to today’s leaked blueprint, HTC 2012 product and cannot be upgraded to Android 4.4 operating system with Sense 5.5. HTC is currentlyevaluating HTC One XL Android 4.4 operating system and the Sense 5.5 upgrade, even so, HTC One XL will not be upgraded to Sense 6.

In addition, according to the blueprint, HTC Desire 601 and 700 in April will be upgraded to Android 4.4 operating system with Sense 5.5.

Nov 18

With slow door record 13 beautiful dynamic photos of good places

Slow shutter photography allows you to record something happened over a period of time, can also issue the dynamic pictures, is a very good for photography players shoot subjects, but dynamic photos of the scene can be found there? There are 13 good advice!

1, the subway/the train

When a train passing vehicle dynamic to the waiting crowd move a static tend to be very good pictures, and train with the wind will strengthen the dynamic pictures.

2, the coast

Sea and the waves, and spray is also clap a dynamic one of the good things, cooperate with prospects and beautiful sky, became a draw photo! While walking on the beach crowd were about to also is very good, don’t forget them!

3, turn the child

Has children you have to play it like that! A moment of happiness can be preserved, but remember to rotate the way not to let it go!

4, amusement park,

5, bicycle

6, car

7, a large playground

8, dancing,

9, a bird

10 and orbital

Nov 09

SONY released a New camera – HDR-AS30V

In a bike through the mountains, stick on the board back empty… SONY’s “cool” camera with its unique perspective, the market has attracted many advocate coldplay, cool video enthusiasts. On September 21, 2013, SONY (China) co., LTD launched a new generation of “cool” HDR – AS30V with a camera. Wi-fi performance of continuation of the first generation of new products and new NFC 1 “TM” a touch function, cooperate with Live – View wrist belt type real-time monitor, convenient wireless control can be realized more play. The built-in GPS and the new PlayMemories Home software, not only can the fusion with more sense of science and technology of the moving locus, velocity and other information, but also to rotate, video “picture in picture” merger shows such as editing, make dynamic image more cool, cool, fun. In addition, the HDR – AS30V body thin, waterproof shell thin body is about 35%, it is more convenient to wear. New product with a SONY original Exmor R CMOS image sensor with Carl Zeiss ® Tessar ® lens, maximum wide Angle 170 °, can shoot 1920 x1080/50 p hd video and photo 11.9 million pixels. Accessories is richer, control more convenient, clipping more simple, video is more interesting, SONY’s “cool” camera HDR – AS30V features free horizon, let video fun.

SONY’s “cool” camera HDR – AS30V, continuation of the previous generation of thin body new SPK – AS2 waterproof casing can achieve 5 meters waterproof 2, the addition of external button to make the operation more convenient; Compared to the last generation accessories, new waterproof casing volume and weight reduced about 35% and 35% respectively, more suitable for wearing, sound effect is more ideal. AS30V Exmor R has about 16.8 million pixels CMOS image sensor, even underwater, such as indoor or evening dark scenes, can also be taken out of the clear image; 170 degree wide-angle Carl Zeiss ® Tessar ® lens, can record a wider field of vision; AS30V can shoot up to 1920 x1080 50 p/high quality hd video, also support 4 times the speed of slow motion (1280 x720/120 p) record, let a flash is breathtaking action can also exists. Its static pictures increased to about 11.9 million pixels, support 5-60 seconds interval (interval photos about 2 million pixels).

Nov 04

HTC One will be promoted to Android 4.4

last week, Google released the latest Nexus phone – Nexus 5 and the latest version of the Android system – Android 4.4 KitKat, as many consumers concerned about other Android phones when upgrading to the latest version of the problem, HTC aspects of the first answer given .

According to foreign media reports, HTC Jason Mackenzie, president of the United States in Google released Android 4.4 system soon after said that, HTC One developer version of the next 30 days will be the first to get the latest updated version of the Android system, while in North America, offering a customized version of the HTC One within 90 days will be upgraded to the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

Unfortunately, the new HTC One licensed version when updating to get the latest version of Android, as the author of press Shihai No exact message, optimistic estimates may also be obtained within 90 days update. In addition, the same year as the flagship product of HTC One max and HTC Butterfly s is expected to also be expected to upgrade to Android 4.4 system version.

Oct 30

Japanese media said the iPhone 6 released in September 2014, upgraded 1080p screen

iPhone 5s/5c Offer for just over a month, the next generation iPhone rhythms come again. MacFan according to Japanese media reports, Apple’s supply chain through information provided in 2014 the new iPhone (hereinafter referred to as iPhone 6) of the release time will continue to be maintained in September. Reported that, iPhone 6 will further enhance the screen resolution – up to 1080p level, the screen size is about 5.0 inches.

MacFan that carry 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, iPhone 6 of ppi will reach 440, far more than the current iPhone 5s of 326ppi. This is from the iPhone 4, Apple truly carried out for the first time on the screen resolution upgrade. In this report before the appearance of well-known analyst Gene Munster said in a report to investors has also been expressed in the iPhone’s large screen projections, but he believes the new phone release time for the 2014 summer season.

However, MacFan reports did not disclose whether Apple next year will release two new handsets, the media only that this body will be iPhone 6 “slim to beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Oct 26

New MacBook Pro disassembly: Users can not repair by self

October 26 news, if you intend to purchase the recently released 2013 new MacBook Pro, so do not expect a problem to go to repair the machine – at least this is the repair site iFixit disassembled Both devices after the answer . iFixit found that the new 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro has a lot on the market for the most user unfriendly internal structure. 

Dismantling found two devices batteries are fixed with glue in a variety of critical screw top, and these screws are used for fixing the remaining removable parts. In addition, memory and solid state drives are also being welded, and want to replace not easy.
For those who do not intend to service users, the difficulty of dismantling the future use will not have a problem; But if you are a DIY enthusiast, before buying a new generation of MacBook Pro may be necessary to think again.

Oct 22

Apple Macbook Pro will be upgraded across the board Haswell

Recently , many U.S. media such as The Verge, AllthingsD Apple received an invitation, which have been identified in the October 22 new conference was held , venue for the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts . Invitation is not much content , only one sentence : “We still have a lot to cover”

Apple did not disclose any content on the invitation , while U.S. media revealed iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will be unveiled at the conference , of course, there are new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

MacBook Pro upgrade the appearance of the same configuration

The new MacBook Pro will all be equipped with Intel’s Haswell processor system , the whole life will be improved, while also supporting 4K video playback, will continue with a Retina screen . In addition , MacBook Pro ‘s front camera can also upgrade to 1080P, while the whole system also will be equipped with dual microphones .
The MacBook Pro upgrade is mainly focused on the hardware configuration above , but in appearance there is not much improvement, and this change is likely to be placed in the next year Apple . Because after market research firm NPD DisplaySearch has in the latest report that Apple may launch in 2014 equipped with a 12-inch Retina Display MacBook Air notebooks.

This notebook will work with the current MacBook Air differ : The current MacBook Air laptop screen size of 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches , and the future of the MacBook Air will be equipped with higher pixel 12- inch display. It is reported that the product screen resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels, 226 PPI reached almost the current version of the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro Retina comparable , the latter is 227 PPI . It is beyond the current 13.3 inches ( resolution of 1440 x900 pixels ) and 11.6 inches ( resolution of 1366 x768) MacBook Air laptops, which were 127 and 135 PPI .

No matter what Apple finally made ​​the decision , but it certainly is that Apple ultra-portable laptops will be the transformation of the physical aspects . Because since the end of 2010 introduced a new base design and launch new 11.6 -inch MacBook Air product line so far , Apple has not the physical design of the product design or display any modification .

Oct 18

The best entry-level SLR Camera: Nikon D5300

Nikon D5200 born after less than a years time , we will usher in a new generation product of this camera , which is what we see today, Nikon D5300, D5300 there is no doubt this is a small facelift products , but on the basis of his D5200 changes are still very, very much , so we will still have to follow the convention to give you an analysis related to this product dribs and drabs .

After experiencing the Nikon D610 , I believe many people jump to say , the Nikon D5300 will they be a high degree of similarity of products ? Cong numbers point of view is obviously true, but in fact the Nikon progress is still quite large , at least we see the new EXPEED 4 processors , 1080/60p video , built-in WiFi, built-in GPS and so on Nikon cameras have not been seen before things were speaking from some angles Nikon also proved the sincerity lies.
Of course, the Nikon D5300 is still just an entry-level SLR camera, but also in a variety of competitive pressures , the entire entry-level SLR market pressures growing, more competitive, so we will see more and more more similar products ( and competitor ) is constantly updated , who sold more than a little bit of competition , it really is unfortunate and sad reminder of the small market ah !

Well, after we sigh , we give you the practice of this product Description:

APS-C frame 24.2 million pixel CMOS sensor ( actual output size 6000 × 4000)
Sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 12800 ( expandable to ISO 100-25600)
The new EXPEED 4 image processor
5.0fps continuous shooting speed
39 -point AF system , which includes nine cross-type focus
3.2 inches screen resolution of 720 × 480 lateral direction 270 ° flip screen
95% view rate 0.82 times magnification viewfinder
2016 -pixel RGB metering system
1080/60p video recording built-in dual-channel microphone
Maximum flash sync speed 1/200s shutter speed 1/4000s 15 million life
Built-in WiFi Built-in GPS
EN-EL14a compatible D5200, D320, P7800 has a larger capacity 1220mAh
Dimensions 125mm × 98mm × 76mm
Black Red Gray has to choose
Weight 760g with battery weight 530g with card

Of course, many people certainly want to ask Nikon D5300 and D5200 there is much difference in the end , I really want to say or find many later I will try to give you a clearer table for everyone to sort out . So far the only certainty is that this camera alone sells for $ 799.95 ( equivalent to 4878 yuan ) , in November began selling sets of machines as what , how much money we still do not know, please look forward to our subsequent news.

Oct 10

iPhone 5s/5c/5 Battery life: who is stronger?

Every time Apple press conference to launch new products, for some ” sensitive digital ” Apple will not easily announced, such as the battery capacity information or processor frequency , number of cores and so on. However, this does not prevent us through disassemble the software detects this way know the answer . Prior to the first pair of golden foreign site iFixit version iPhone5s was disassembled , said iPhone5s announced the battery capacity of 1560mAh, iPhone5c battery capacity was 1507mAh, which previously was iPhone5 battery capacity 1440mAh. How to enhance the capacity of the battery power can bring nature to enhance it ? Take a look at the test results of it .

In our actual test, we first look at the foreign media GSMArena for iPhone5s with iPhone5c endurance performance test report. In order to show a more intuitive endurance test results , GSMArena let iPhone5s, iPhone5c respectively, and a variety of Android, Windows Phone popular mobile phone were horizontal contrast . The following comparison results, the longer represents the device ‘s battery life longer .

In terms of 3G talk , iPhone5s final test results for 10 hours 46 minutes , in the middle of the location of many test models , more than iPhone5c 10 hours and 18 minutes of battery life, better than the previous two iPhone5 ‘s 3G talk time more close 2 hours of time .

Web browsing session , iPhone5s performance in general, can reach 9 hours 58 minutes of web browsing time, and this part of the life time of iPhone5 and 9 hours and 56 minutes, so can only say iPhone5s improved battery capacity is not obvious. However, the performance of this link iPhone5c more unusual, only 9 hours and 5 minutes of battery life when long lost iPhone5.
The next video link, the test results show , iPhone5s life time of 10 hours 31 minutes , iPhone5 battery life up to 10 hours and 12 minutes , and iPhone5s gap is very small . But it is relatively surprising is that the same basic configuration parameters , the battery capacity is also greater than the iPhone5 iPhone5c but in the video playback session lasted only seven hours life time 41 minutes
Finally GSMArena also carried out endurance tests , GSMArena indicates that if the user for one hour a day with 5s call one hour web browsing, 1 hour video playback, then iPhone5s life time can reach 54 hours , compared iPhone5c endurance time 52 hours , compared with the previous test results iPhone5 51 hours . This result is in line with Apple’s integrated three differences between the device’s battery capacity . In other words, if we can use to calculate the amount in accordance with the above , then , iPhone5s, 5c, 5 are basically up to two Sky filled with standards .