Dec 18

Sony α7II Reviews

Sony α7II hardware biggest highlight is the fuselage built 5-axis sensor shift image stabilization. 5-axis image stabilization mentioned we naturally think of Olympus, plus the 2012 Sony became the largest shareholder in Olympus, which had reminiscent of Sony’s 5-axis image stabilization technology from Olympus. Sony side was given a clear response independently developed by Sony.

On the surface, Sony is equipped with a full-frame in a compact body 5-axis image stabilization system, the difficulty is indeed higher than the M4 / 3 system, the biggest problem is space constraints, M4 / 3 sensor size is small and the card system mouth large, and E-mount full-frame system contrary, E bayonet itself carries a full frame can say just good, plus the body size to be controlled, Sony need to address the magnitude of compensation, heat sensors, components, power, edge imaging and other issues, so even if the work on the same principle, Sony can not simply be a larger version used directly.

Then work on the same principle, Sony and Olympus it? It is learned that some of the content on α7II axis image stabilization, Sony engineers from there. Sony and Olympus cooperation still only in the medical field. Sony’s 5-axis image stabilization system is a new research and development. Olympus 5-axis image stabilization system consists of a spring and a magnet. For a full frame (24 × 36mm) sensor, the spring mechanism is too cumbersome and not strong enough to compensate for lack of precision. In addition, the mechanical spring growth over time will lose elasticity. In order to replace the mechanical spring mechanism, Sony chose the torque coil / magnet to solve the mechanical problem of aging and accurate compensation. Sony’s image stabilization system compared to spring system with higher energy efficiency, less battery power. In addition, Sony also made a muted, image stabilization system work process is no obvious hiss.

The image sensor is mounted on a movable carriage lightweight magnesium alloy. As a ball bearing system, motion more smoothly. The design is derived from the seismic structure of Japanese architecture.

As for the direction of the anti-shake compensation, Sony’s 5-axis image stabilization system similar to Olympus, can target displacement (X, Y), swing (Yaw, Pitch), and rotation (Roll), such as to compensate for jitter. You can compensate for its highest shutter speed of about 4.5. This condition is the highest compensation effect: according to CIPA standards, only swing to compensate for jitter, installation Sonnar T * FE 55mm F1.8 ZA, and the long exposure noise reduction turned off.

5-axis image stabilization provides excellent anti-shake performance telephoto lens depending on the subject matter, it is easy to produce jitter swing, swing (Yaw, Pitch) image stabilization can be compensated; displacement (X, Y) image stabilization, you can jitter is compensated for displacement generated when macro photography; when rotated (Roll) video and image stabilization can low light conditions, using a slow shutter speed architecture, landscape and other subjects shooting, rotating shift generated to compensate. Here we look at the actual results of the anti-shake system, we use the 35mm end Vario-Tessar T * FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS to shoot:

Performance is acceptable from the point of view real shot image stabilization effect, basically stick to 1 / 5s, while the test results can not all be attributed to body image stabilization, after all, this lens is equipped with the OSS, the lens image stabilization can not be excluded help.

When installed α7II support OSS E-mount lens image stabilization, the lens is responsible for swing (Pitch, Yaw) image stabilization, α7II is responsible for the displacement (X, Y) and rotation (Roll) image stabilization; As mentioned test, OSS Lens themselves also play a role in anti-shake mechanism, the machine settings and there is no specific anti-shake to body or lens, either fully open or fully closed. About lens image stabilization and body image stabilization, in M4 / 3 system, the main lens image stabilization Panasonic, Olympus main body image stabilization, if equipped Olympus Panasonic image stabilization lens, only use one side. Sony is now a do, you can do both work together. Then the future will reduce the introduction of Sony’s image stabilization lens? In fact Sony body image stabilization, not a negative lens image stabilization, you can see from Sony’s remarks on the swing lens image stabilization (Pitch, Yaw) image stabilization still have an advantage. After α7II compact body can play a limited scope for the future if applied to a single motor body, believe that we can give full play to its performance.

When installing a non-OSS E-mount lens image stabilization, or when the LA-EA4 A bayonet mount lenses via adapter, by α7II responsible for image stabilization in all directions (part of the lens only supports 3-axis image stabilization). In addition, 5-axis image stabilization technology also provides support for third-party lens, that can not pass on information to the body of some shots, the user can set the lens focal length (8-1000mm) in the body of the manual to get the anti-shake compensation. For no electronic contact lens part of third-party support only 3-axis stabilization, and even individual conversion lens, body image stabilization can not be turned to gray. Edit user should feel adapter to experience the real machine shop experience, to confirm whether or not to support anti-shake.

In addition to the anti-shake system, on α7II CMOS sensor uses anti-reflective coating (with α7R, α7S), can improve the appearance of a halo when shooting point source problem.

Sony α7, α7R, α7S body design basically the same, but differ on the material, but α7II body with a new design, the whole body of the coat change, no longer smooth but with a single power similar sandblasted coating fuselage, the fuselage handle more lordosis, narrowing spire on top of the fuselage.

α7II body uses more magnesium alloy, and α7R, same α7S, the top of the fuselage, the front part of the internal structure and the button with a lightweight magnesium alloy, high strength. Notably α7 board front opening for the plastic material, is now replaced by a metal material, better bayonet strength and stability. In addition, the body and the operation buttons are also equipped with a sealed structure, the ability to dust and drip-proof, and can meet the needs of high-end photography enthusiasts.

Volume, due to the built-in 5-axis image stabilization body, compared with the α7 α7II width remains unchanged but has a certain height and thickness increase, especially the increase in the thickness of 1cm, and makes the body appear shoulder slope, the volume increase and join the anti-shake component, so that the body weight improved significantly, reaching 556g.

Details of the design, α7II body with a new design. The biggest change is part of a handle and shoulder compared with α7. α7II handle more protruding notch deeper, and in front of a concave design, significantly improved grip handle, especially when equipped with a telephoto lens, hold for a long time will not feel difficult. Due to handle more lordosis, shutter and power switch moved to the front bevel handle, front dial in the front of the handle. The overall design is similar to the handle and single-camera.

Another big change is at the top of the fuselage, due to narrowing spire, larger space left shoulder, right shoulder due to the shutter / power switch on the handle moved, the place vacated increased C2 custom button (default: Focus settings ). Such a definition from the reach of the four buttons.

Dec 15

Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8 single micro-lens

Speaking of the past always have a micro-camera: “underachievement” feeling. No SLR cameras to professional, there is no camera card so lightweight. Without a strong lens group to support micro-camera always just “more advanced” digital camera. After years of development, micro-camera was finally ushered in the spring. With only a single micro-full-frame body, as well as various focal lengths of large aperture prime lens. Recently, I received a huge volume of telephoto zoom Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8 lenses. This is a single family Fuji Micro latest one heavyweight single micro lens. It is also the emergence of this lens will be more perfect lens group Fuji micro-single system.

Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8 This lens is not at all see is mounted on a micro-camera use. Huge volume, the full amount. Constant F2.8 large aperture, so This lens diameter reached 72mm. I believe the quality is proportional to the volume, is not Fujinon also faithful to bring a high-quality camera lens it? Let us wait and see.

Why Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8 lens, said at Fuji micro single system will have a pivotal position? Because of its 50-140mm focal length and constant F2.8 large aperture (equivalent to 76mm-214mm), which are two key factors contribute This lens is equivalent to N home “Otake gun” and C good “love the little rabbit “status. Fuji, although not full-frame micro single body, or can form a APS-C family of “Big Three” lens group.

With Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8 lens available, early in 2015, Fuji will continue to release a similar full frame 24-70mm F2.8 lens, so “Big Three” all fit micro-single system, slowly the Fuji micro-camera upgrade to prospective professional. By that time, micro-camera is not only an advanced camera, but also can be a tool in the hands of a professional photographer or artist who created the artifact.

Dec 11

Nikon CoolPix S5300 Review

I believe we see so many camera cards, so compact body design is not going to be surprised. Nikon CoolPix S5300 three-dimensional body is approximately 96.9 × 58.0 × 20.9 mm (excluding protrusions), and about 138g (including battery and SD memory card) of the body in the hand is very easy. In contrast, we feel that there is a lack of body thickness, but to know that this is an 8x optical zoom camera card, compact body if this will further compress the volume, then you have to sacrifice a lot of function, and the problem of heat dissipation can not be an effective solution.

Nikon CoolPix S5300 fuselage pink, black and purple three colors, contrast, unlike the old section has such a variety of options, but the girls still love purple choice. From the practical view, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 songce purple version, although smooth appearance after treatment, we can also be tightly in his hand, it means that it has a certain anti-skid function, while the largest limit to avoid the appearance of fingerprints, dirt actually use it. Fuselage, 8x optical zoom lens to occupy most of the area in front, visible body volume space has been fully utilized. It is worth mentioning that, through our long fuselage, the width and height dimensions did some rough calculations and found the body near the rectangle which embodies Nikon’s intentions at: body design cleverly uses the golden ratio (1: 1.618) design.

Nikon CoolPix S5300 is the first fuselage equipped with 461,000 pixels, the size of 3-inch TFT LCD display (with anti-reflection coating and 5-speed brightness adjustment), compared to the IXUS 500 HS also released, the bigger LCD screen is often a direct impact on the user experience touch control, the machine back decisively dismissed button design is a very thorough, after all, in such a compact camera body plus the physical buttons will appear on the rear is more crowded, according to the probability of error will be greatly enhanced, and use a larger touch screen can reduce the loss of physical buttons on the body. But the results of such exchange would be required to improve the battery life time has decreased to some extent.

Nikon CoolPix S5300 uses an equivalent focal length of 4.5-36.0 mm (viewing angle 25-200 mm lens in 35mm format equivalent angle of view) of the 8x optical zoom lens, with respect to such a compact body, it is very rare with the upgrade of the manufacturing process, and now the camera has exceeded before only 28mm wide-angle end of the restrictions. It is worth mentioning that the lens and the S3600 released earlier the same, using a three-stage telescopic design, can effectively reduce the length of the lens is extended, while the larger zoom ratio can be maintained so that the camera looks more coordination. Compared to the past, especially telephoto camera card.

Nikon CoolPix S5300 top only provide the necessary buttons such as the power button, the shutter / zoom and playback zoom keys, integrated zoom lever on the shutter button is common Nikon camera card design, user-friendly, while shooting or video camera ready zoom operation. And in playback mode, the zoom lever to zoom in and out of a photo can also play the role, very convenient. Because the new wireless capabilities of the reason, the top of the fuselage identifies a wireless connection, the wireless connection when making indicator lights accordingly.

Mark on the left side of the fuselage of the lens there are many words, including a zoom magnification, pixel and other iconic parameters. From these identities is not difficult to see this lens with 8x optical zoom with optical image stabilization and function. Although large magnification zoom card machine was not a difficult to achieve the function, but it is a compact body has a very important significance, not to mention the Nikon CoolPix S5300 also features built-in Wi-Fi, body hardware level of integration can be like conceivable. Right is brushed Logo Design, with time there CoolPix series of signs, which is one of the common design of Nikon series.

From the back of the 3.0-inch screen you can see, 460,000-pixel screen for the present argument is already a bit behind, but also the side that this machine is targeted at entry-users. In addition to the side portion of the ordinary five-way navigation key and other keys outside also added a wireless transmission shortcut keys, you can manipulate certain related understanding and answering questions, this will be further described later.

S series has a feature that is designed to have a key position in a certain inheritance (before S2800, S3600 evaluation also illustrates this point), the back button on the right side of the fuselage, in addition, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 button overall symmetrical design. Of course, as with a Wi-Fi transmission function module products, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 naturally not the lack of this feature shortcuts design. Due to the problem of locating the machine, custom function button will not appear in them.

Due to the need for further control body size, the machine uses flash S2800, S3600 built similar non-pop-up flash and earlier releases. Built-in flash is essential for home users, but the actual operation in small series which, due to the flash function is being plagued by insufficient flash index, overall practicality is not high. However, the flash fill light when the overall picture is much more accurate than the white balance will not have to use.

Nikon CoolPix S Series Most cameras use SD cards with a sheet of lithium as a mainstream storage and power supply configuration, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 as giving us an unexpected appearance at the same time, battery, memory use of media has changed: For volume terms consideration, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 battery capacity is 700mAh, battery life of about 230, small advice like taking pictures of friends can reprovision a rainy day.

Nikon CoolPix S5300 uses SD / SDHC / SDXC card as a storage device. Nikon CoolPix S5300 is equipped with a conventional transmission Micro-USB port, HDMI port, but other interfaces is limited to body size did not join. It is worth noting that, unlike the S2800 that uses a special USB interface, the Nikon CoolPix S5300 data interface and mobile data interface compatible Micro USB, also supports the use of real-time charge charge treasure, let endurance body further.

Dec 08

Full frame dark horse, 5-axis image stabilization Sony Micro single A7 II Reviews

After a full-frame camera without anti-A7 listed a year, Sony will update the high cost of this nowadays full-frame single micro camera. Sony α7 II compared to A7 introduces a new selling point – body image stabilization, but also a lot of rope round pink “axis image stabilization” dream. Yes, A7 II is the biggest upgrade is equipped with a five-axis image stabilization feature, to achieve body image stabilization, which for photography enthusiasts, especially those with a bunch of old lenses, definitely buy rhythm.

First, the first post-test assessment

Sony Micro single A7 II appeared in a little bit abrupt, or that the confidentiality of Sony’s good enough, it is basically close to revealing news conference. And the day before the release, this news we are still skeptical, because full-frame equipped with five-axis image stabilization mechanism it is difficult to imagine one thing, think Obama M43 sensor with a huge body also needs support.

But Sony as a leader of black technology, A7 II equipped with a full-frame in the case of five-axis image stabilization mechanism, still able to maintain the size of the body volume. In a small body is equipped with the anti-shake mechanism, the selling has overshadowed its sensor size no less obvious upgrade, keep shooting, even if the performance of the previous generation, A7 II can be guaranteed to have a good market performance.

A7 II as the most heavy end of the year Sony products, Sony certainly will not just only an upgrade point, equipped with an enhanced hybrid AF system and provide better static / dynamic images, and optimize and upgrade the aircraft fuselage design body material.

In addition to five-axis image stabilization to enhance, improve focus system is one of the key Sony, equipped with a 117-point phase-detection AF system, covering an area larger than the A7, but also provide more than A7 / A7S 30% high-speed autofocus, and improve the accuracy of the focus.

Second, the overall appearance of the Sony A7 II

Sony Micro single A7 II’s body measurements of about 126.9 x 95.7 x 59.7mm, relatively A7 is a little, the new 5-axis image stabilization, to handle larger sizes are among the reasons. But does not affect portability, just a little bigger than the A7 it, after all, for a full-frame single micro, the volume is very small. The main factors affecting the portability actually shot. So, if you really need ultra portability, then a small volume of the lens is your best choice.

Sony FE lens is still no small selection, so use A7 range of products, it is necessary to bring the camera bag, A7 II size and more large handle that can cope with the current FE lens of all products that can provide a more comfortable grip feel.

And the weight, A7 II’s body also did a little a little heavier than A7, 556g of body weight was mainly due to the addition of five-axis image stabilization increases. However, look at the parts of the magnitude of this performance, this weight lifting really nothing, after all, still a lot lighter than the SLR.

Third, the Sony Micro single A7 II local details

Sony Micro single A7 II sensor also uses the 24.3 million pixel Exmor CMOS, full-frame size. Since the sensor image stabilization mechanism added 5-axis, making the body a lot of thick, which is currently the only one able to achieve 5-axis image stabilization, full frame body.

Sony Micro single A7 II LCD screen made upgrades, 3 inches 1.22 million pixel LCD screen is more delicate than the previous generation of products, but also because the body thickened’s sake, Sony seeks to reduce the thickness in other areas, to ensure that the overall thickness of not will affect the shape and feel, folding screen thickness is reduced a lot.

From the side view, the folding screen thickness of Sony Micro single A7 II is very thin, almost half of the previous generation, and the folded structure has been simplified, to achieve such a size on the turn in 90 degree turn 45 degrees has been very easy.

One change Sony Micro single A7 II fuselage detail, is the head of the warship top piecemeal, the original large trapezoidal roof slope warship, now replaced by a more upright style, the top becomes more delicate. Top left shoulder becomes more open.

Sony Micro single handle A7 II is one of the largest part of the change, the handle becomes more prominent, changing the style of the original flat handle, and also made a deal with the grooves on the handle, the middle finger is reserved for a comfortable bar design curve.

Handle the redesign, the biggest benefit is the shutter button to move the handle protruding, pictures and more smoothly, not like A7 as awkward press the shutter button to set the camera body. At the same time the front dial is set in front of the handle, and the top of the fuselage to add a new custom buttons, but here’s the key manipulation of comfort to be fine.

Button layout on the body, in addition to machines at most a custom button on the outside of the other with the same generation, but it looks like a button, but are very different in feel. A7 II button on the key processes have been modified, shorter key way clear up a lot of press, direct operation gives the feeling is cool. But rough narrow wheel to wheel, and the wheel damping is large, struck up a very stiff, Kaka ring, gear is actually very clear, it takes some time to get used to the next.

Sony Micro single A7 II data interface cover with a longitudinal opening the way to separate two soft protective cover to use more flexible, but the use of soft feel agile process is not open, or the original doors type of structure convenient, Sony is using the body’s way of direct charge charge, so usage data interface is still very high, soft protective cover for durability, how many people have concerns. Thus it may be desirable to design the internal body structure, and not Sony spontaneous design improvements.

Fourth, the Sony Micro single A7 II grip feel

Sony Micro single A7 II handle very large, holding up some more secure, do not worry about the camera skaters fall, another middle position also has a groove, caught up very fit hand, but at the same time after the handle projection lateral dimensions shrink, so in my hand a kind of strange feeling, and a lot of telephoto camera grip handle similar. The maximum benefit of the new handle is very cool press the shutter button, the position of the index finger is almost time to relax, but the height of the front wheel aside enough time to finger operation will be squeezed middle position, a slight discomfort.

Top new custom key position in the top position of the original A7 shutter button, a custom multi-key nature is good, but because of the new plane shutter handle flat top there is a gap, so I want to use the index finger two keys would be more awkward, perhaps you may want to move some of the middle finger will be a good point, I’m sorry, the middle finger stuck in a groove in the handle can not be moved, normal grip is very comfortable, you want to get stuck on the move even more uncomfortable.

Body back projection thumb position becomes higher, the overall sense of better grip handle and the cover, but the position of the video camera key is not modified, remain in the outer position of the projection, so that when pressing the key changing the magnitude of the right thumb position is relatively large, and this time not very well hold the camera steady, if the lens is relatively heavy, there will be certain to get rid of the danger.

Sony Micro single A7 II improved the most significant one is the location of the image to enlarge the appearance of the keys made significant improvements, the key is no longer set at right angles to the angular position of the fuselage and the LCD screen, but the key is provided on an inclined plane, A7 sense of control on the key against humanity finally improved.

Sony Micro single key on the A7 II becomes very smoothly, with new key key process shorter, the keys feel crisp, with a very comfortable and, of course, this is not an obvious slant Sony hopes to appear, can be seen as the body becomes after the thick of last resort design, but a lucky hit to make handling more comfortable.

Dec 04

Biography outsole upcoming high-end Canon cameras DC

According canonrumors news that released its large size sensor on a Canon likely CES2015 in Las Vegas show the high-end camera DC. Prior to the official website of Canon foreign outflow has had an advertising figure, believed the rumors. The product will be and the PowerShot G1 X Mark II and the Canon PowerShot G7 X consisting of a complete product line of high-end DC.

No information is currently Canon outsole DC high price of the product and related parameters. Interested friends can look up reports hummingbird network.

As is true in order to complete its high-end Canon DC product line, presumably will release a large sensor big zoom DC, after all, the series PowerShot G1 X Mark II and the G7 X only four times and 4.2 times optical zoom, for products complete and increase the competitiveness considerations line, the end of high-end large zoom DC is bound to increase the competitiveness of important products.

Dec 01

Sony released the full-size single micro α7 II, built-in 5-axis image stabilization

Sony today officially released a new full-size domestic micro-camera α7 II, the new machine in the body material, the design has been optimized, the focus performance has also been improved, but the biggest highlight is the introduction of the five-axis image stabilization system that can target displacement , swing and rotation to compensate for jitter, the maximum available 4.5 shutter speed to compensate.

Axis image stabilization feature

α7 II there are two image stabilization modes for different lens itself is equipped for OSS lens for camera image stabilization technology to provide horizontal and vertical displacement and the Z-axis rotation of the anti-shake function; and for image stabilization system is not equipped with OSS the lens can provide all the five-axis image stabilization feature, you can greatly improve the use of different lenses to film rate.

5-axis image stabilization feature in order to compensate for jitter-prone when shooting handheld, and swing jitter such as when using a telephoto lens is easy to produce, and the displacement when using a macro lens is easy to produce jitter, and prone to when shooting night scenes or video rotation jitter, jitter for the above phenomenon, can rely on 5-axis optical image stabilization feature detects and compensates for correction. By loading the full-frame image sensor image stabilization element of shake correction is achieved.

Sensors and Processors

α7 II equipped with approximately 24.3 million effective pixels 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor, sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600. Built-in image processor BIONZ X, can quickly handle large amounts of image information from the full frame Exmor CMOS image sensor came, video functions provided include image style settings, P / A / S / M mode, S-Log2 gamma and other models expand the creative space for professional users shooting.

Enhanced Hybrid AF

α7 II built-in enhanced hybrid AF system, maintaining a 117-point phase detection AF system with 25-point fast AiAF (contrast detection autofocus evolution) combination, but the contrast AF α7 about 30% faster, optimize after tracking AF algorithm improves accuracy by about 1.5 times, can focus at -1EV dark light, can achieve about 5 / sec high-speed continuous shooting.

Improved body design

Sony α7 II in the body material and button details optimized, compared with α7 front panel also uses magnesium alloy material, the lens mount is also upgraded to metal. Thicker handle design more fitting palm, adjust the position of the front wheel and the shutter button, the custom keys also increased, in addition to the body and buttons with a seal structure, with dust drip capacity.

Sony α7 II also supports WiFi wireless transmission and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, in addition to support PlayMemories Mobile application software, you can use 15 of the application.

Α7 II together with Sony also released A bayonet 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G SSM II lens, the white version of A6000 and Sony α7 II dedicated vertical grip VG-C2EM.

Nov 27

Then refresh the high pixel camera Samsung NX1 no rebound

Samsung NX1 is during this year’s Photokina exhibition, Samsung released a flagship anti-free camera, which is not the anti-camera Samsung top with the product, and therefore all the high-end technology combines NX1 Samsung image, but also refresh the APS-C format pixel sensor records not only high performance, but also a high-priced products.

Samsung is not a traditional optical manufacturers, but the rise of digital cameras, has been developing in the image, is also the first to launch APS-C format without anti-camera manufacturers. But imaging industry changes, but also makes the Samsung camera department revoked the business conducted by the mobile phone sector unity, the thought of Samsung’s future product direction will be intelligent for. I did not expect this time Samsung launched its own flagship no reverse camera NX1, the flagship of the application areas of expertise.

Since the launch of Samsung are no anti-camera high cost is known, especially in the three-digit non-portable anti-camera series, playing cards is cheap, with the price of other products to exceed the performance of a lot to gain market share. The launch of NX1 the opposite, given the high price of $ 1793 single, which other than the APS-C format should not be much higher reverse camera. Samsung seen this product very confident.

Samsung NX1 is a connotation of products, just look at the price, I believe will repel a large number of people, but the new sensor is equipped with 28.2 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, which is currently the highest pixel APS-C format sensor, also APS-C format sensor products than among the first to use a back-illuminated technology. DRIMe V using the new image processing system, Samsung far the fastest, most powerful image sensor. Also 15fps continuous shooting, high-speed AF, the top LCD screen these areas in which no reverse camera is the highest standard configuration. The actual strength of the Samsung NX1 how, we have the following evaluation for a specific analysis.

With Samsung NX1 released together, there 50-150mmf / 2.8SEDOIS lens, which is a constant aperture telephoto zoom lens, Samsung no anti-Big Three lens system, in addition to conventional lens functions, but also no anti-camera combination with Samsung to achieve more extensions.

Samsung NX1 overall appearance

Samsung body is very large, but did not reach the level SLR camera, the handle design is very thick, comfortable grip is high, my hand is not too small, it can all be real fingers grip handle. Samsung launched the first free from anti-products began to go is the class SLR line, NX1 will further strengthen this style, into a fully SLR camera when using the product. Shape and setting clear specialization.

Samsung NX1 local details

Samsung NX1 largest body design feature is the large handle, the overall shape and NX30 is very similar, but the handle becomes significantly more spacious and have to re-set the groove middle position, the grip is very comfortable rubber skin covering the handle area is also very large. Almost no case riders, addition, NFC function is also provided at the side of the handle.

Rear handle position, there is a huge bump, which is not beautiful, but gave a good support thumb position, making NX1 50-150mm F2.8 even take such a big guy, just like there will not grip stable situation.

Samsung NX1 LCD screen using a 1,036,000 pixel SUPER AMOLED screen, and have a capacitive touch functionality, display compared to the previous product, much less cast of cases, while the folding screen design, support turn on the turn at 90 degrees 45 degrees, the LCD screen and the viewfinder will not be blocked, high practicality.

Samsung NX1 configuration is 2.36 million pixel OLED electronic viewfinder, the display is bright true, the refresh rate is very high. Configuration eye sensor, goggles and NX1 is very large, with many high-end SLR cameras are close, very comfortable viewing.

This configuration top LCD screen on the high-end SLR camera in there, but this is not the first anti-camera configuration on the top LCD screen products, in addition to Sony’s single-camera with a semitransparent mirror, the configuration set-top LCD screen only this one. Although the top LCD screen size is small, but the information displayed complete.

The design is similar to the body left shoulder Nikon’s high-end SLR camera, using a form of knobs plus keys. Key functions covering AF mode, ISO, metering mode, white balance, four function knob to select the shooting mode driver. Most of the features are already set up a direct physical buttons, and also have a custom button, you can freely adjust the location of the key parameter settings.

NX1 body flexibility with three multifunction dial, with a lot of function keys and function keys can be customized, the overall manipulation worse than the Sony NEX-7. Even in the SLR camera body is also more difficult to find a sense of control like that.

Because the body with water splash feature, Samsung NX1 the memory card slot and battery compartment have been the anti-water settings, sealing than the average camera would be better. Support SDXC memory cards, battery capacity is 1860mAh, battery size is large, but not large factor causing the handle, the handle just wide NX1 unique design only.

Samsung NX1 interface more times, headphone, microphone, HDMI interface natural and ultimately, but the USB interface upgrade to USB3.0, with top SLR same configuration, data transmission becomes more rapid.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens introduction

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens is released together with the new lens NX1, constant F2.8 large aperture, the NX1 equivalent to 75-225mm F2.8 lens, the 70-200mm F2.8 lens SLR camera rather, no one is Samsung’s big Three anti-system. Because it is the APS-C format camera, so the overall volume is not too much.

The camera in hand, then, about the equivalent of a 600ML kettle, lens size 81×153.9mm, weighs 920g, how to look is a big guy. Only say the same specifications of the lens which can be regarded as a compact.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens black design, the blue circle with the same iconic Samsung decorated plating S logo on its behalf is a professional-level camera. As a metal mirror lens material, texture is very good, the mirror is also simple and clear identification of the body.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens swivels is metal, and the use of compact design, damp feeling very good, you can feel is to get started on the level of the lens. The advantage of using a metal swivel that aging is not as loose as rubber swivel, but the disadvantage of profiling that sharp metal swivel position is easier to bump off paint.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens group 20 to 13 lens group structure, which contains four ED lenses and an XHR lenses, and with OIS optical image stabilization feature, image stabilization system with 6-axis and 4-axis sensor vibration control technology, can achieve about 4.5 CIPA standard stabilization effect. Before the lens showing yellow-green coating, inner focusing and better dust resistance structure, with the front lens group does not extend while zooming.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens in addition to conventional optical image stabilization and focus mode lever, there is also the focus range setting lever and Samsung’s unique i-Function button, which in other brands of lenses are not creative point, it is worth learning.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens ring with detachable tripod design with bamboo cannon like Nikon, a large locking knob is very domineering, lens ring can support the choice of tripod or directly on the lens on a tripod , screw is standard. So you can freely choose installation, even mounted directly on a tripod, it will not get stuck focusing ring.

Samsung NX1 Features

1,2820 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor

Samsung NX1 play using a 2820-pixel APS-C format sensor, a bright spot is the APS-C format sensor, close to 30 million pixels, is currently the highest pixel APS-C format sensor, and is back-illuminated technology, with 14 image output performance, and not because of the quality aspects pixel density ascension has declined, but compared to the previous Samsung no anti-camera, high-sensitivity performance to be better.

Samsung NX1 using a high ISO noise reduction technology, with adaptive noise reduction function, it can analyze the picture environment, the color information and appropriate adjustment has been reached at high sensitivity settings sharper image detail, color reproduction and richer.

2,205-point phase detection autofocus

Samsung NX1 uses a new focusing system, with focus response speed of 55ms. And phase detection AF for up to 205, including 153-bit cross-type center point phase detection area, distributed almost the entire screen, so you can easily select the focus point and unfettered. The video above is the use of 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens focus operation of the video, you can see, even with the telephoto end, in complete blur, you can still focus quickly, faster than the Samsung in the past launch of the product should be much faster.

3, efficient manipulation

In the Appearance section, has introduced a variety of convenient buttons on the Samsung NX1, keys and the turntable is unprecedented, and NX1 DRIMe V uses a new image processing system, Samsung far the fastest, most powerful the image processor to enhance the operating speed NX1, the boot speed, focus, speed and so on. NX1 making veritable flagship status.

Samsung NX1 configuration is the capacitive touch screen, with Samsung’s early launch of a mobile phone and camera combination product GALAXY Camera K-Zoom, on the touch screen experience nature is experienced, previously thought Canon’s touch screen experience the best, and now you want was rewritten, Samsung NX1 touchscreen response or whether very high accuracy and a wide range of applications, not only at the time of the shooting settings can also be used in the setup menu when the sliding operation is very smooth.

Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 OIS Lens Features

1, i-Function feature

Samsung 50-15-mm F2.8 OIS lens and other lens like Samsung, with i-Function Function keys, press this button to ring through the lens to adjust various parameters, including exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, focus mode and so on, each time you press the button to switch on a parametric, turn the focus ring can be adjusted for each parameter. This feature can be made without changing the grip when shooting gestures that you can adjust the parameters of such a large lens for high availability.

2, custom focus range

Telephoto camera, the camera will have a different macro focus range selection, in general, is the factory when he set up the focus range, depending on the time taken to select the focusing distance shooting, the operation can be reduced when AF stroke, improve focus speed. General shots to do it is very practical, but Samsung offered on 50-150mm F2.8 OIS lens functions even more.

Samsung can focus range 50-150mm F2.8 lens custom mirror body has a focus range lever, you can select Full or Custom full range of custom-focus range, in addition to a set position. Full range Needless to say, that is the focus from the closest focusing distance to infinity focus are within range, Custom Custom gear is different from other brands at the factory has been set up in the range, but you can set file appropriated in body scope for adjustment, the focus range of the upper and lower limits can be set manually, you can make a small range of focus within the range of the focal plane of choice, which is known for capturing the range of motion is helpful to the subject, the focus will not appear the situation is completely out of focus, you can quickly align objects in focus.

Nov 20

Portable high-energy small card, Nikon S3600 Compact Camera Reviews

Nikon S3600 is Nikon’s in January 2014 released a slim and stylish compact digital camera, this is a very powerful performance compact body. Nikon CoolPix S3600 hardware configuration has a new 20.05 million effective pixel CCD image sensor, this is the first time twenty million level sensor at the entry level camera card; other Nikon CoolPix S3600 equipped with a 8x optical zoom Nikkor lens ; can be covered from the wide-angle 25mm to 200mm range of viewing angles (35mm [135] format equivalent focal length); using dynamic zoom zoom zoom capability can be expanded to about 16 times.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 has a magic modified function (12 effects), special effects functions (12 effects) and fast effect function (32 effects), and after taking the above-mentioned effects can be applied to pictures when users take pictures.

First, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 first post-test assessment

With the progress of imaging products, especially the minds of the players in the entry judged imaging product quality standards to become rich and varied, but also impossible to escape several important criteria – first and foremost be sure it is relatively stable imaging, for the entry users have no choice as a high quality SLR camera imaging product that does not mean there is no requirement for quality, but after all, this is a rather subjective issue, so stable imaging effect become the consensus of the user. Secondly, of course, is lightweight and easy to carry the body, despite Xinghuoliaoyuan no anti-camera-like situation, but the advantages of compact size camera card has not been completely ignored. Last is a competitive price advantage, Know basic functions of digital cameras in the premise of continuous improvement manufacturing costs will continue to decline, the players naturally want to spend less money to buy better equipment. Compact Camera reason to survive in case of camera phone joint attack, and naturally there is the necessity of its existence.

This, together with Nikon Nikon CoolPix S3600 also released compact digital cameras up to 8 simultaneous release, called the Nikon years at CES, the most awesome one. After all, compared to other vendors suddenly released so many products on the CES show is the first time, even if it is being dubbed “the brush body” Sony can not match. The release of the product is mainly Nikon CoolPix compact digital camera, which belongs to the use of 4 AA battery life, the pursuit of cost-effective L series. And L series of the same is the release of five S-series products more routine upgrade, and there was some improvement in the video shoot, in some products are added to the Wi-Fi module, user-friendly fast transfer to take pictures.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 is, after the launch of a new stage of these entry-level portable camera card with CoolPix series of identity, a strong shooting ability and high cost is its selling point. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is a card has eight optical zoom camera, the machine not only has the equivalent wide-angle and super telephoto, in addition to conventional SLR camera lens VR image stabilization is applied to the card camera, forming a unique the four heavy composite damping function. Another macro function has also been some improvement, for those who like to shoot macro, shoot flowers friends, this close-up capability of the camera absolutely rafts handy, but I deal with the above themes can be fully qualified. In addition, players can also use this camera creative effects possess functional, ready to take a picture together with the different filters, so that the photographer adds a lot of fun. Positioning in the end Nikon camera card CoolPix S3600, all aspects of performance are average relative good. The following are the specific parameters of the Nikon CoolPix S3600, we can take steps to understand its configuration.

I believe everyone will read the above description of the IXUS 255 HS various aspects of a basic understanding of, from the parameter point of view and not too many fresh features, mostly in the past products have appeared in the feature on this portable camera conducted a consolidation, but even so, this is a vibrant product, maybe I could not get much interest concerned about it, but it is not necessarily trivial, although from the perspective of the new Nikon CoolPix S3600 highlights itself not much, just a routine of minor repairs. Compared to the previous release of high-end products at CES is negligible, but also much less novel features. Of course, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 is Nikon introduced on the show relatively high positioning a portable camera new. Overall, if you want to use a camera to record the journey all the beauty, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 possess these basic parameters fully capable of.

Second, the overall appearance of the Nikon CoolPix S3600 Introduction

Seen more about Nikon CoolPix S3600 introduction of so many heart will start user, at the same time I think they can not leave the balance to the power of the various hardware and overall performance, as well as between price and greatest desire is to stimulate consumer thrust. I believe that with further Distribution commence after the listing price stability will certainly cut again, until that time, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 will be a highly cost-effective camera card. However, cost is not necessarily having a good performance? From the overall appearance of the beginning, we started to Nikon CoolPix S3600 Reviews.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 in appearance and general Nikon camera card relatively similar, and continued the CoolPix series of classic design, the other with this first release of the S Series products look very similar. In the fuselage of the design is still very simple, which is only a handful of elements, huge 8 x optical zoom lens occupies nearly two-thirds of the area, and the coating around the lens with the red primary color in stark contrast . Designs have sleek, corner treatment also has a good sense of flow lines, giving the impression that more positive Founder, especially edge position is not a smooth edges, replaced by a water chestnut design. Elegant, slim and stylish, with rounded corners using elegant design. Total body black, silver, red, pink four kinds of colors patterns. The songce version is red.

The back is a 2.7 inches display pixels 230,000 pixel LCD display and a number of function keys. Compared to some of the cards in terms of compact cameras, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 entity key area for the user is ready or not big enough, the back button only accounted for nearly one-third of the ratio, which makes the Nikon CoolPix S3600 can do for each button relatively small, will increase the likelihood of inadvertently, of course, only for palm larger users. Likewise key process design also cater to the frequent use of the touch screen users. Notably, Nikon specifically reserved for users around the screen out of a small space, the user can protect the display case to prevent misuse by the.

Given the positioning CoolPix series models will not determine the route through the large body, so the Nikon CoolPix S3600 we still can see the compact body. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is a three-dimensional volume of about 97.1 × 57.9 × 19.9 mm, compared to the volume of the previous card compact camera will come again some, which had benefited from the lifting of the fuselage of the original levels of integration; the other weighs 125g compared to 100g of net for significant progress, both practical and saddled or not too obvious weight. But even so in CoolPix Nikon CoolPix S3600 Series is not the most compact models.

Top is the mode dial, power switch keyboard and function lever. Top of the fuselage design is still equipped with the power button, zoom / shutter integrated button. Top left side of the fuselage may have the words “Nikon CoolPix S3600″ model, in addition to the bottom of the fuselage skin contains both design with a matte texture, highlighting the atmosphere minimalist style. Overall compared to the previous product in the appearance of some of the changes are not particularly prominent, roughly the design and layout are basically the same, in fact, CoolPix series such hardware layout has become a certain routine, so even if there is overlap not surprising.

Third, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 partial Appearance

Nikon released a variety of products which, less than 10 machines is not much optical zoom, S series, Nikon CoolPix S3600 which one belongs. Although the lens does not zoom magnification increases with the development of technology, but Nikon products have always playing safe, does not appear from the many “Black Technology” products will be able to illustrate this point. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is equipped with eight times 一枚 Nikkor optical zoom lens, the actual focal length of 4.5-36.0 mm (angle is equivalent to 35mm [135] format viewing angle 25-200 mm lens), Aperture F3.7 (Wide) -6.6 in (telephoto) belongs to quite satisfactory level, of course, and Nikon CoolPix S3600 positioning level also has a relationship, but for general shooting, this will be enough. In actual use, in addition to the zoom magnification and VR optical image stabilization, and not too many bright spots outside, just from the parameters is a very focused in terms of practical lens.

Given the positioning of this product is not a professional player, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 top of the fuselage did not like the mode dial, exposure compensation and other precise Settings button to see only the power and shutter / optical zoom button design. Where the power button with a surrounding green LCD status light will show the charging status while charging. In addition to the right of the optical zoom / shutter button in Playback can act as a zoom picture function.


Nov 17

Pentax mouth Sigma latest 18-200 head

Last weekend, Sigma released the news 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO (OS) HSM new version bayonet sale: Pentax PK mount version will be available in determining November 21, the store offer 60,000 yen forecast.

The lens is an entry-level camera, belonging to Sigma Contemporary series. It is a dedicated APS-C format lens, the equivalent focal length more in line with “a mirror world” lens design features, optical zoom ratio reached 11.1 times.

Specifically, its optical structure: 13-group 16 systems, seven aperture blades, with ultrasonic focusing motor, but this version does not support OS optical image stabilization feature.

Although the lens is an entry-level camera, but also have the “Sigma black technology” high-tech standards. For Pentax users choose to use.

Nov 13

Canon recently or will release 11-24mm f / 4L

Yesterday Canon has just released “White Rabbit”, but the play is not over, Canon is likely to release the long-rumored “big bulb” EF 11-24mm f / 4L USM within the next 1-2 weeks according to CW reported.

If before the outflow lens product map is not enough persuasive words, Canon official website of the German text appears briefly describes who should be able to expect a large number of booster. In other words, even if the product photo is not true, but at least prove that there really is such a product exists.

If to be released, the lens on the market today will become the shortest full-frame wide-angle end constant aperture zoom lens, the price may be around $ 3,000.