Nov 20

Portable high-energy small card, Nikon S3600 Compact Camera Reviews

Nikon S3600 is Nikon’s in January 2014 released a slim and stylish compact digital camera, this is a very powerful performance compact body. Nikon CoolPix S3600 hardware configuration has a new 20.05 million effective pixel CCD image sensor, this is the first time twenty million level sensor at the entry level camera card; other Nikon CoolPix S3600 equipped with a 8x optical zoom Nikkor lens ; can be covered from the wide-angle 25mm to 200mm range of viewing angles (35mm [135] format equivalent focal length); using dynamic zoom zoom zoom capability can be expanded to about 16 times.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 has a magic modified function (12 effects), special effects functions (12 effects) and fast effect function (32 effects), and after taking the above-mentioned effects can be applied to pictures when users take pictures.

First, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 first post-test assessment

With the progress of imaging products, especially the minds of the players in the entry judged imaging product quality standards to become rich and varied, but also impossible to escape several important criteria – first and foremost be sure it is relatively stable imaging, for the entry users have no choice as a high quality SLR camera imaging product that does not mean there is no requirement for quality, but after all, this is a rather subjective issue, so stable imaging effect become the consensus of the user. Secondly, of course, is lightweight and easy to carry the body, despite Xinghuoliaoyuan no anti-camera-like situation, but the advantages of compact size camera card has not been completely ignored. Last is a competitive price advantage, Know basic functions of digital cameras in the premise of continuous improvement manufacturing costs will continue to decline, the players naturally want to spend less money to buy better equipment. Compact Camera reason to survive in case of camera phone joint attack, and naturally there is the necessity of its existence.

This, together with Nikon Nikon CoolPix S3600 also released compact digital cameras up to 8 simultaneous release, called the Nikon years at CES, the most awesome one. After all, compared to other vendors suddenly released so many products on the CES show is the first time, even if it is being dubbed “the brush body” Sony can not match. The release of the product is mainly Nikon CoolPix compact digital camera, which belongs to the use of 4 AA battery life, the pursuit of cost-effective L series. And L series of the same is the release of five S-series products more routine upgrade, and there was some improvement in the video shoot, in some products are added to the Wi-Fi module, user-friendly fast transfer to take pictures.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 is, after the launch of a new stage of these entry-level portable camera card with CoolPix series of identity, a strong shooting ability and high cost is its selling point. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is a card has eight optical zoom camera, the machine not only has the equivalent wide-angle and super telephoto, in addition to conventional SLR camera lens VR image stabilization is applied to the card camera, forming a unique the four heavy composite damping function. Another macro function has also been some improvement, for those who like to shoot macro, shoot flowers friends, this close-up capability of the camera absolutely rafts handy, but I deal with the above themes can be fully qualified. In addition, players can also use this camera creative effects possess functional, ready to take a picture together with the different filters, so that the photographer adds a lot of fun. Positioning in the end Nikon camera card CoolPix S3600, all aspects of performance are average relative good. The following are the specific parameters of the Nikon CoolPix S3600, we can take steps to understand its configuration.

I believe everyone will read the above description of the IXUS 255 HS various aspects of a basic understanding of, from the parameter point of view and not too many fresh features, mostly in the past products have appeared in the feature on this portable camera conducted a consolidation, but even so, this is a vibrant product, maybe I could not get much interest concerned about it, but it is not necessarily trivial, although from the perspective of the new Nikon CoolPix S3600 highlights itself not much, just a routine of minor repairs. Compared to the previous release of high-end products at CES is negligible, but also much less novel features. Of course, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 is Nikon introduced on the show relatively high positioning a portable camera new. Overall, if you want to use a camera to record the journey all the beauty, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 possess these basic parameters fully capable of.

Second, the overall appearance of the Nikon CoolPix S3600 Introduction

Seen more about Nikon CoolPix S3600 introduction of so many heart will start user, at the same time I think they can not leave the balance to the power of the various hardware and overall performance, as well as between price and greatest desire is to stimulate consumer thrust. I believe that with further Distribution commence after the listing price stability will certainly cut again, until that time, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 will be a highly cost-effective camera card. However, cost is not necessarily having a good performance? From the overall appearance of the beginning, we started to Nikon CoolPix S3600 Reviews.

Nikon CoolPix S3600 in appearance and general Nikon camera card relatively similar, and continued the CoolPix series of classic design, the other with this first release of the S Series products look very similar. In the fuselage of the design is still very simple, which is only a handful of elements, huge 8 x optical zoom lens occupies nearly two-thirds of the area, and the coating around the lens with the red primary color in stark contrast . Designs have sleek, corner treatment also has a good sense of flow lines, giving the impression that more positive Founder, especially edge position is not a smooth edges, replaced by a water chestnut design. Elegant, slim and stylish, with rounded corners using elegant design. Total body black, silver, red, pink four kinds of colors patterns. The songce version is red.

The back is a 2.7 inches display pixels 230,000 pixel LCD display and a number of function keys. Compared to some of the cards in terms of compact cameras, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 entity key area for the user is ready or not big enough, the back button only accounted for nearly one-third of the ratio, which makes the Nikon CoolPix S3600 can do for each button relatively small, will increase the likelihood of inadvertently, of course, only for palm larger users. Likewise key process design also cater to the frequent use of the touch screen users. Notably, Nikon specifically reserved for users around the screen out of a small space, the user can protect the display case to prevent misuse by the.

Given the positioning CoolPix series models will not determine the route through the large body, so the Nikon CoolPix S3600 we still can see the compact body. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is a three-dimensional volume of about 97.1 × 57.9 × 19.9 mm, compared to the volume of the previous card compact camera will come again some, which had benefited from the lifting of the fuselage of the original levels of integration; the other weighs 125g compared to 100g of net for significant progress, both practical and saddled or not too obvious weight. But even so in CoolPix Nikon CoolPix S3600 Series is not the most compact models.

Top is the mode dial, power switch keyboard and function lever. Top of the fuselage design is still equipped with the power button, zoom / shutter integrated button. Top left side of the fuselage may have the words “Nikon CoolPix S3600″ model, in addition to the bottom of the fuselage skin contains both design with a matte texture, highlighting the atmosphere minimalist style. Overall compared to the previous product in the appearance of some of the changes are not particularly prominent, roughly the design and layout are basically the same, in fact, CoolPix series such hardware layout has become a certain routine, so even if there is overlap not surprising.

Third, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 partial Appearance

Nikon released a variety of products which, less than 10 machines is not much optical zoom, S series, Nikon CoolPix S3600 which one belongs. Although the lens does not zoom magnification increases with the development of technology, but Nikon products have always playing safe, does not appear from the many “Black Technology” products will be able to illustrate this point. Nikon CoolPix S3600 is equipped with eight times 一枚 Nikkor optical zoom lens, the actual focal length of 4.5-36.0 mm (angle is equivalent to 35mm [135] format viewing angle 25-200 mm lens), Aperture F3.7 (Wide) -6.6 in (telephoto) belongs to quite satisfactory level, of course, and Nikon CoolPix S3600 positioning level also has a relationship, but for general shooting, this will be enough. In actual use, in addition to the zoom magnification and VR optical image stabilization, and not too many bright spots outside, just from the parameters is a very focused in terms of practical lens.

Given the positioning of this product is not a professional player, the Nikon CoolPix S3600 top of the fuselage did not like the mode dial, exposure compensation and other precise Settings button to see only the power and shutter / optical zoom button design. Where the power button with a surrounding green LCD status light will show the charging status while charging. In addition to the right of the optical zoom / shutter button in Playback can act as a zoom picture function.


Nov 17

Pentax mouth Sigma latest 18-200 head

Last weekend, Sigma released the news 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO (OS) HSM new version bayonet sale: Pentax PK mount version will be available in determining November 21, the store offer 60,000 yen forecast.

The lens is an entry-level camera, belonging to Sigma Contemporary series. It is a dedicated APS-C format lens, the equivalent focal length more in line with “a mirror world” lens design features, optical zoom ratio reached 11.1 times.

Specifically, its optical structure: 13-group 16 systems, seven aperture blades, with ultrasonic focusing motor, but this version does not support OS optical image stabilization feature.

Although the lens is an entry-level camera, but also have the “Sigma black technology” high-tech standards. For Pentax users choose to use.

Nov 13

Canon recently or will release 11-24mm f / 4L

Yesterday Canon has just released “White Rabbit”, but the play is not over, Canon is likely to release the long-rumored “big bulb” EF 11-24mm f / 4L USM within the next 1-2 weeks according to CW reported.

If before the outflow lens product map is not enough persuasive words, Canon official website of the German text appears briefly describes who should be able to expect a large number of booster. In other words, even if the product photo is not true, but at least prove that there really is such a product exists.

If to be released, the lens on the market today will become the shortest full-frame wide-angle end constant aperture zoom lens, the price may be around $ 3,000.

Nov 10

Olympus OM-D release in January next year a new machine

Olympus OM-D series since its inception has been everyone’s attention, the recent high-43R from trusted sources informed that in January next year will usher in a new member of the family. The new models are not upgrading and updating existing models, and its specifications will be very “different.”

Olympus OM-D series rely on E-M1, E-M5 and E-M10 has covered basic low high school market, but is worth noting that the original OM series as well as the three-digit and four-digit more low-end models (OM-707, OM-2000). But since it is innovative products, its overall performance should not be bad.

Finally 43R, said it is unclear whether the new OM-D and the previous rumors M4 / 3 fixed lens camera Trip-D (tentative name) released together.

Nov 06

True optical zoom lens coming soon mobile phones

Regardless of how the ad blowing cattle X camera phone, they always have a camera Mishap: fixed focal length, zoom basically rely on go. Can the camera’s optical zoom lens built into the phone? Theoretically no problem, but often requires multiple zoom lens with the zoom motor itself will also occupy a certain space, the result is your cell phone camera will become huge (Samsung Galaxy K is a typical weight-loss failure). Nothing will compete for the thickness of the phone, which can not afford to pay the price.

A little-known start-optical equipment company DynaOptics intend to challenge the penalty area, they came up with an ingenious idea: still using multiple optical zoom lens to achieve, but not the vertical movement of the zoom lens, but the lateral movement. So the lens does not extend outside the body (equivalent within the zoom).

But the lateral movement of the zoom lens to be how to achieve? DynaOptics founder and CEO Chen Li Han (phonetic) made ​​to explain: the original, DynaOptics use a special progressive multifocal lenses, it works a bit like a narrow bifocal eyeglasses, the entire lens plane, the focus is on the distribution of the gradient, as long as changes in the lateral position between the two lenses, optical zoom can achieve results. It is reported that, DynaOptics produce a preliminary sample of the lens module can achieve 3x optical zoom, the thickness of only 6mm, fully able to put the phone inside the entire zoom lens in the process will not have convex.

However, due to the lens shape too special, very difficult process. Chen Li Han admitted that the lens manufacturing technology, precision assembly lens module are currently a big problem, but it has been completed sample showed that the entire technical ideas are right.

DynaOptics expected in March 2015 to come up with the bulk sample, for mobile phone manufacturers for testing. The final amount of production time, Chen Li Han expressed optimism at the beginning of 2016 will be able to do: “to achieve optical zoom on the phone is a huge breakthrough, the market is very large as the technology matures, optical zoom will become the future standard camera phones. with function. “

Nov 03

24K Gold Edition Nikon Df kit listing

Back in September, we had reported Brikk launch news 24K Gold Edition Nikon Df + 14-24 / 2.8 kit, and now this thing finally listed trench, and relatively publish Shihai made ​​some small improvements.

Brikk is a luxury retailer, which launched LUX series includes some of the customized version of the top electronic products, including mobile phones, tablets and the like. The gold-plated technology in order to develop the camera, they took a year to create a product development laboratory. To enhance the overall comfort, Brikk will be part of the fuselage decorated leather, non-slip plastic lens into a more feel of the stingray skin.

The kit is for sale on the world’s 77 sets, each set will be equipped with a Zero Halliburton gilded camera box. As you might expect, the gold-plated version of the camera is definitely not cheap, but the price of more than 10,000 US dollars more expensive than the release Shihai, to $ 41,395,, can be ordered on its official website.

Oct 28

Voigtlander HELIAR 40mm F2.8 VM new lens

Voigtlander HELIAR 40mm F2.8 VM new lens has just started selling in Japan, the shop is still the reference price for 39,780 yen. Meanwhile, the product physical picture also appeared, we can do more for reference.

This lens looks not only volume, lightweight, and texture, the barrel looks very slim, I believe in the work area to meet our needs. And though its physical bayonet for Sonecha mouth, but in fact it can also be used on Sony’s full-frame micro-camera, specifically for FE bayonet.

Judging from the specific parameters, the lens uses three groups of five optical structure, 10 blade circular aperture, focus distance 0.5m, weight 132g, filter diameter 52mm.

Physical map from a product point of view, we believe that this lens inherits consistent advantage before Voigtlander lens characteristic. It enriches the current FE-mount lenses exist “selective difficult” problems. Meanwhile, the issue will also boost sales from Voigtlander lens on one side.

Oct 22

Show cultural charm, from the 19th century engraved lens experience

If you are a like carrying a digital SLR, a pile-up, walk in different countries and cities, humanistic photography enthusiasts to capture the scenery, then you should be under a shot from the 19th century. This is not a joke, because Lomography by creative film photography organization launched a Kickstarter to raise public event: the resurrection of those old lenses charismatic. The first works, that is, in 1840 launched the Petzval lens.

The original Petzval lens for quick portrait was born, and achieve a faster shutter speed through a large aperture to capture moments characters. And after digital, you can install it on a Canon or Nikon’s advanced SLR, get full of retro flavor of digital images.

Petzval lens look like antiques on the Titanic

Mankind is always full of feeling old objects, especially watches, these lenses can heritage products. There is no doubt that even engraved version, Petzval lens is still today looks wonderful: brass casting body, looks like an antique from the Titanic found, and with a slightly modern Nikon SLR weird, you may need to prepare at least a similar kind of retro styling Df SLR.

Of course, the camera is filming the biggest role. So why do you want to use in 1840 it shot in 2014? Petzval most unique feature is the wide caliber brings imaging background separation ability, unique blur sometimes caused the formation of a surreal effect, which is its unique charm.

Of course, when using such a classic shot, you will encounter some challenges customary. Such as the need to achieve a metal disc aperture size adjustment, so at any time with a few metal sheet is necessary. In addition, full manual operation is inevitable, but all veterans who are not stumped photography.

theverge photo editor, respectively, using a Nikon F80 film SLR cameras and Fuji X-T1 digital micro single test Petzval lens, of course, the latter need to connect the adapter ring. Relatively speaking, the combination of Petzval lens and digital camera more perfect, because no additional tools to calculate the correct exposure, because Fengyun lens itself does not send any information to the camera parameters. Of course, Petzval lens is a 35mm full frame, using cut pieces need to take into account the effects on non-full-frame single micro / SLR.

Petzval lens is subjective and full of charm

If you already have a full-frame digital SLR, must be quality suitors, then how Petzval lens effect?

Obviously, the lens can not be like 1840’s most advanced models that bring a very sharp image or a variety of compensation effect, especially when using a large aperture shooting. But its charm is also from there. You do not by objective scoring, performance comparison to measure it, because it is attractive now from its subjectivity.

Bokeh effects seem random and full of charm, sharp image quality may not be the ultimate, but often is fantastic, gorgeous, full of flavor, and perhaps this is the greatest charm of old lenses. And you can also get a small aperture by adjusting clearer picture, while achieving a shallow depth of field, which is obviously an operational challenge. Eventually, you’ll love everything this old lens.

Of course, recommend to the general user Petzval lens may be unrealistic. Although the price is not expensive, but the lack of features such as auto focus, high cost to get started. But clearly, it is a good lens to express emotions, full of the charm of the unknown rather than static, cold recording tool.

Oct 16

Continue to improve, the net transfer of new SLR Canon intends to develop 6D2

After overseas website announced recently, Canon introduced the EOS 7D Mark II, may be adjusted for EOS 6D products, the introduction of newer models.

Reportedly, the website says: Currently the Canon EOS 6D DSLR for the current sales performance is not very satisfactory, may soon develop an updated version of the 6D series of products to meet market demand, its price should be in the EOS 5D and EOS 6D between Mark III, probably around $ 1,500.

In addition, they think: Although Canon has developed EOS 7D Mark II an excellent performance of this product, but it’s not a full frame sensor, it also needs another sub-line treatment.

Given the current price on a great range of between EOS 6D and EOS 5D Mark III, which is good enough to add a full-frame model configuration, there may be a very good sales.

Oct 13

Apple partners said: Applepay the official opening on the 18th

On October 12, the morning news, Apple paid (Pay) Apple launch partners – the us Walgreens pharmacy chain recently by an internal document that Apple Pay was officially opened on October 18. According to industry insiders speculated that Apple Pay will come with iOS 8.1 at the same time.

On September 9, when apple released payment released a large number of famous American retailers, including Disney, Nike, McDonald’s, macy’s department store, office supplies brand Staples and Walgreens. These retailers will be equipped with NFC payment devices, allows users to use apple’s two new phone and watch.

Apple can Pay by near field communication technology, fingerprint sensors and Touch ID can encrypt all data “security element”, this service will allow the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch users in online shopping or to the entity shop shopping when using these devices for payment directly.

So far is similar to Apple Pay mobile payment service is not really an opening in the consumer. So the industry is to wait and see the upcoming Apple Pay services, in order to see if this service can prompt consumers to the large-scale mobile payments.